DOB 1/24/2016                         Blue Tri with points                  IOEBA Generational Blue Ribbon  Sire:BR. Hell Razzor's Remo   Dam: BR. Major League's Gypsy  


                       Fawn Blue

                       IOEBA Foundational

                       Sire: Doggtired"s Zeus

                       Dam: Texas Pride's Bryleigh

Texas Pride's  Bregman

  Bregman, Major and Cole

       Our Males

​Texas Pride's Cole

DOB: 12/18/2016                             Blue/ Tan/ White                              IOEBA Generational                       Sire: Q-Bert Hodder                         Dam Sean's Joanie

Bregman is one of our up and coming boys. He has a wonderful personality. He has thick bone structure and a huge head. Pretty green eyes.

Texas Pride's Prince Max

DOB: 11/19/2017                                                        Fawn/ White                                                                IOEBA  Foundational                                                  Sire Doggtired Zeus                                                    Dam Texas Pride's Abby Rose                                                      

BR. Major League's Major               Major has produced his first litter and did a outstanding job. We had some very nice blue tri's with point, We are very pleased with this boy.